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Things I’ve done over the weekend. Seriously super fun!!!


I only did the name….


the ship was a walk-in that was on tour. Good luck guys!!!!


This is on Thomas, his lady has a matching one that Matt Lutch did, pretty bad ass.

Just a rainy day walk-in.

Something I did today, a quick letter to cover up old needle and ink mistakes.


Hello world!

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my TATTOO BLOG.

This is where you get to see what the hell I do for a living at work and at home. I will be updating this site everyday as much as possible, keeping you updated  with new photos of the tattoos I have done, new drawings, sketches and maybe even some of the music I write with my band, The Lowmen.

If you want to get tattooed by me, contact my shop:

The Parlour Tattoo: or 541- 345-6465

We don’t give any quotes or make any appointments over the phone. (Out of Towners, call us first, no matter what.)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my art. Hope to see you soon.